Kate’s work is described as intuitive, spontaneous action-painting. Painted with a full rush of energy, (see the “making of” on the videos page).
each work captures the organic aesthetic by being highly expressive with a textured luminosity. While Kate pushes her art practice into exciting new areas, all her works fit into ongoing collections.

Artist’s Quote: 
“Paint for me is a living entity, flowing, fluid, fleeting and fragile. I want the paint to breathe the life energy of nature onto the canvas. I also strive to create truly one-off original artworks which are only finished once my eye wants to explore the surface”.

Kate Williamson was born in Christchurch and now lives in the nature reserve of Waipori Falls, New Zealand. Kate’s contemporary works are collected nationally and internationally. Kate is represented by Moray Gallery, Dunedin, Otautau Gallery, Southland, and also represented by Singulart and Saatchi Art online.

“My work strives to depict the hum and dynamic interplay of colours and light, water and sky. Life: the warm sands alive with cockles; the light angling through the trees; the myriad reflections in a deep pool of water. I want the raw image, the organic aesthetic to enliven the canvas and the space it goes on to inhabit.”

Kate Williamson, artist.

“The artist explores this analogy by creating landscape forms that strip away the reality of the scene to replace it with something that gives the impression of moving liquid. This is particularly evident in the earth-fire-and-water composition Pool of colours, where the solidity of the landforms seems to melt into a flow of hue and light. A similar suffusion of solid elements is found in the sun-drenched Orb.

More tangible lands emerge in the high country valley of Origin and mountain meadow of Light Scatter II, but it is perhaps in the deep molten undergrowth and solid branches of Forest Lights that the exhibition reaches a peak.”

James Dignan, arts reviewer.

ODT ArtSeen: June 7, 2018

Kate has a Diploma Advanced from The Learning Connexion (alternative) Art school, Wellington New Zealand. Also trained in France, with the guidance of large-scale expert painter Yvan Mauger. The artist was involved in a large-scale performance painting at Le Mans, 24 hour Grand Prix. 

National Bonspiel painting was selected into the top ten works in the Back to Nature Showdown Competition. The top ten winners were selected by internationally acclaimed artist Ged Quinn. 

*My work ‘Beachcombers, Sea Gift’ Painting Featured in Haven Magazine in April 2022

*My work ‘Soft Rain’ (Emotional Landscapes Series) is now published in the U.K Dark Mountain Project 2016 book issue #9 THE HUMBLING. “

*My painting ‘Breath One; Atmosphere’ has been published in the Dark Mountain #13 edition called BEING HUMAN. Out from April 2018.

*My painting ‘Violet Storm’ is the featured cover art for the New Spring Collection Dark Mountain: Issue 17. Out from April 2020. This latest issue is an earthbound, layered collection of writing and art, rooted in the theme of restoration.